Hello Again! I live on a 15 acre land. We have an apple orchard and grow lots of food. We have about 8 raspberry plants, 6 blueberry bushes...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Chickens

We got 6 new chickens! Now we have 14 in the older group. Their names are Cookie, Rachel, Red and the three Comets.
A Comet and Cookie



2 Comets

Red and Rachel

They sort of fought a bit with the old chickens, but they're working out.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chicks Sleeping Downstairs

Sorry I've put this post off for so long. 
Happy New Year!
Anyway the chicks are now sleeping downstairs! Yay! Here are some pictures:


Monday, January 2, 2017

Rabbit Warmth

Do you keep your rabbit outside? Do you ever worry your rabbit will freeze on those extra cold nights? Well this is what I do.
I put lots of hay on the floor, because, naturally, rabbits love to burrow. Hay will work too. He loves running around under all the hay and even made a little nest:
Also, rabbits can take cold, but they can't stand wind, so make sure to face your hutch away from the north, or wherever the strongest wind comes from where you live, us it's the north and east. If you built the hutch before you thought of that, then your rabbit feed bags stapled to the wire parts, with a few places so he can get some sun. 
Frozen water bottles are another winter boo. I check his water every cold morning, even if I have to take it off the wire and try to open it. Make sure you check it and be totally sure it's not frozen, rabbits need water! There are also insulated water bottle covers that you can buy.
my rabbit has a sleeping quarter that is already warm, I just put hay in it.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Puppy In The House

It's been really cold in the mornings, so we let Chestnut in to warm up! So cute!


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Our Goat Star, lives by herself, and is very lonely. So a friend offered to lend us one of her goats. So we drove over to her house with a large dog crate in the back of our pickup truck to pick up the goat named Mitch. When we got there we hauled him into the crate. He barely fit in the crate he is a very big and HEAVY goat. When we got home, he was really nervous and scared. We put him in the electric fence with Star. Mitch, who was a lot larger than Star, was afraid of her! Then we left them to get acquainted with each other. A little later while I was working with dad, I heard a loud banging noise by the goat pen. I didn’t look to see what was going on though. So half an hour later, when I checked, he wasn’t there! I yelled that he was missing, and everyone ran in the woods and on the property to search, and I was in flip flops! I searched every inch of our 15 acres, mostly running and yelling his name. I brought food, he loves food. About an hour later Mom called Mitch’s owner and she told us to stop looking! She thought that he would come home. So we stopped. Dad and I drove around and asked our new neighbors, and she said that he would probably be Coyote dinner. Now we only searched in the direction of Mitch’s home, remember that. All this happened in a few hours, he was gone.
               A week later, he was still missing. I kind of gave up on him and mom payed the owner for the loss. I heard coyotes howling, a lot of him, and I thought he was eaten. But the story isn’t over.
               This is like a month later from when Mitch went missing. Our older sister was staying with us and her, my brother and I were about to go on a walk, when two older friends drove up and told us they had seen a big white goat with an orange collar on! The description fit Mitch perfectly! I got excited and mom came out. They told mom that they had seen him for about a week, on this hill, the opposite direction where we had been searching for him! She had tried to catch Mitch but he had run away. We called his owner and she drove to where he was.
               About an hour later, Mitch’s owner called and the story. She got to where Mitch was and saw him! She called him, but he ran to, you won’t believe it, into an abandoned house! Its door was open, so he had been living there! Some people had been feeding him. He looked out at her from a window. So she went into the house, and caught him. She said that here was a carpet of goat poop on the floor! LOL After dragging him out of the house to the truck, Mitch calmed down and laid down in the back of the truck. He was so happy to be back home and with his herd of 9 other goats. The owner said it would make a great story, so here you go! He is so smart, and I’m glad he’s still alive😌. This story is anonymous.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Smallest egg!

This morning I found the smallest chicken egg I have ever seen!😲
Next to a quarter

It's actually not the smallest chicken egg in the world, but pretty close, man!
Here is the smallest one!
Tiny egg! It is about 2.1 cm long.